Bridal mehndi includes all the intricate designs such as Kalka, flower patterns, and mesh patterns. Bridal mehndi is a part of the wedding ceremony, it also includes various scientific facts as to why brides apply it.

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There is a true significance behind the mehndi ritual that every Indian family obeys and that is the darkness of the mehendi shade on a bride’s palm symbolizes the sincere affection between the new couple. The mehendi shade also expresses the affection and familiarity between the new bride and her mother-in-law. The more the mehendi maintains its pigment, the lengthier and brighter it is for the bridegroom.

So mehndi is evaluated among the broadly favorable ‘jewelry’ of a newly wedded woman. Traditionally it is believed that the darker the Mehndi on the would-be bride’s palm, the more intensely her companion will love her. Even in Islam, “Mehandi-ceremony” at the time of wedding rituals has evolved into a popular practice. And the beautifully intricate designs of mehndi go perfectly with the bride’s outfit. And the mehndi adds more spark to the beauty of the bride and she glows in a different way when her palms scream the dark colors of mehndi. Bridal mehndi artists in Rishikesh have specialized knowledge and they have experience of more than 20 years so what are you waiting for? book your slot now!

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